Meet Erin Blaser Your Skincare Expert at Skyn Esthetics

Meet the fabulous founder of Skyn Esthetics!

Meet the fabulous founder of Skyn Esthetics!


Erin Blaser

Having a passion for skin, makeup and beauty, Erin made it a routine to receive scheduled facials when she was younger. Receiving a medical grade facial, Erin fell in love with the results and knowledge she received during treatment. It was that moment she knew that being a skincare specialist would be her career.

Years later working with world renowned plastic surgeons, becoming the lead aesthetician at multiple med spas and a spa manager, Erin hustled her way up to accomplish her goals — leading to the creation and opening of Skyn.

Erin delivers a result driven approach and knows how to work closely with her patient clientele, building each a customized home skin care regimen along with suggesting in-office treatments to accomplish their skin goals. She has experience in a multitude of advanced aesthetic treatments to help give the best results. Constantly educating and taking up training she stays in the now, and has close relationships with many in the industry.

She has carefully curated a team at Skyn under her training to help grow her business and multiply their patient clientele. Erin and her team strive to be the professional, educated and passionate aesthetician’s their patients deserve

Outside of Erin's
skin studio….

Aside from being a business woman and
Aesthie, Erin is a mom!

Erin raised her daughter to be a strong
young woman herself and takes pride in
knowing she did her best as a single parent.
They love to enjoy nature together in their
spare time.

Get to know Erin

If she wasn't an aesthetician...

she’d be a dog trainer

Erin enjoys spending time with her dogs.

Erin's favorite skincare product that she can't live without...

Alto Advanced Defense Serum, from SkinBetterScience!

Erin's beauty secret...

Erin’s secret to her skin is properly exfoliating daily!

Her favorite color...

Any shade of skin!

Her favorite food...

Donuts! Any kind, especially Boston cream.

Her inspirational quote is:

“Love YOU, mean it” — She wants you to love yourself and mean it.
Although when she says it to you as you leave from treatment, she’s saying she loves you as well!

For her, the best thing about being an aesthetician is...

Helping people love their skin and accomplish their goals!

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